Simple Catering Strategies When You Decide To Go It Alone

27 June 2016
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If you have an event coming up and are opting-out of calling a caterer, try some tips to make the experience a bit easier. There are some great tricks and tactics, used by professional caterers, which can help you pull-off a catered affair just like a pro.

Some tips to help you cater your event like an expert are:

Rent the right stuff. Make things easy on yourself by renting out your tables, chairs, linens, and even dishes. Don't spend time looking around for extra chairs or worry about pressing tablecloths; contact a party rental company and let them drop off and deliver goods at your venue. This will also give your affair a polished, uniform appearance, and is how the pros find all of the culinary tools and supplies that they need for an event. Rent table and chairs to make your event spectacular. 

Food stations are a hot catering trend. A chic alternative to the traditional buffet is emerging, and food stations are a tasty trend right now. Set up stations of toppings, condiments, and sides for guests to serve themselves; this brings a casual, interactive air to the event and allows guests to prepare and fix their food exactly the way that they want.

Create a signature cocktail for your event. Keep things simple and curb the cost of alcohol at your event by creating a signature cocktail. Choose one that can be made in pitchers, so that you don't need to hire a bartender to stand by during your event. Offer guests this signature drink, wine, or water to keep things simple and quench your guests' thirst.

Ask for a little help. Catering even a small dinner party can involve a lot of work so be sure to hire some help for your event. Try to prep food and dishes ahead of time so that you won't be tied up in the kitchen during the event, and make sure you delegate someone the task of greeting and serving your guests.

Keep things simple. Perhaps the most valuable piece of advice when catering an event is to keep things simple. Don't try to make everything from scratch; it is perfectly fine to buy some things already prepared or to limit the courses to two or three. After all, most of your guests are more interested in seeing you than in what they will be eating.

Hosting a catered affair can run up your budget, and you can save a lot of money if you cater it yourself. Try these tips to help you feed a crowd, while still pulling together a professional and tasty event.