4 Ways to Honor Your Child with a Tattoo

8 May 2017
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Here are four different ways you can honor your child through a tattoo. This is a great way to honor your child if you enjoy body art. #1 Childhood Artwork One way to honor your child is through childhood artwork. If your child is still young, you can save up their art until you come upon a piece that is especially special. If your child is grown up, you can go through their childhood art to see if there is any that you saved and particularly like. Read More 

Five Ways To Prep For Your First Visit To A Haunted House

19 April 2017
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Haunted houses have a way of getting your adrenaline racing and are a great way to bond with your friends. However, if it's your first time, you should be prepared and understand some basic etiquette before you go. These tips can help you get through your first trip to the haunted house relatively unscathed. Bring A Friend Haunted houses are always better in a group. You may be afraid of looking silly in front of your friends, but sometimes the fear of a group can amplify your experience. Read More 

Finding Your Wedding Photographer: Looking At Shooting Style, Personality, And Experience

22 November 2016
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Who you hire for your wedding photographer can make a big difference on your wedding day. There are a number of factors to consider when looking at various photographers. From shooting style to level of experience, you will basically get what you pay for when it comes to wedding photography. While a close friend with a decent camera may offer to shoot your wedding for free, when photographs of your special day are important to you, this is not a good idea. Read More 

3 Features To Discuss With Your DJ To Make Sure They Blend With Your Wedding

4 November 2016
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Every couple who hires a wedding DJ has their own expectations of what the DJ will provide for their event. While it is a good idea to see your DJ in action before hiring them, it is also important to understand that most DJs are flexible and can adapt to a variety of event themes and atmospheres. Making sure your DJ blends in with your event is important because it ensures that the attention of your guests stays on you and your celebration, not the DJ. Read More 

Ways To Help Your Child Mentally Prepare For An Upcoming Swim Meet

18 May 2016
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When you have a child in a swim club, he or she will likely practice for long intervals to get ready for swim meets. Whether in the city, elsewhere in the state or even beyond, these meets are a way for young swimmers to implement what they've learned and also gain the self-esteem that comes from competing against others. The swim club's instructors will take care of the physical preparation for the event, but you might find that your young athlete is a little nervous around the house in the days leading up to the meet. Read More