Helping Your Clients Get The Most Out Of Your Fitness Conference

16 July 2015
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One of the best ways to help other people improve their lives is by hosting conference-style events where patrons can enjoy workshops and talk to professionals about nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes. If you are planning just such an event, there are some things you can do to improve the conference experience for your clients while also boosting your own business. Wellness is such a great industry, and with the right meeting facilities, menus, and activities, your chance to make a difference will go even further.

Encourage Participation

A motivational speech about the importance of exercise will definitely inspire some people to change, but smaller classes that actually allow clients to participate in fitness exercises may go over even better. If you have an at-home work out plan, provide free fitness classes for the attendees so they can get a taste of the class. More people will feel motivated to stick with the program, and you'll be able to sell more programs as people try it out and like it. 

Breaking up the conference into smaller classes will take more organization and funding, but then people will actually get to learn some great skills for lifestyle change. Plus, they will have more memorable experiences in the hands-on setting, rather than just sitting and watching someone else. 

Provide Testimonials

Many people do like to hear from the experts, but those who have just started to journey to health behavior change may feel even more motivated to hear from people who have successfully started and completed a wellness program. "Before and afters" are incredibly motivating, as it is easier for people to envision their own success when they can witness first-hand the results of someone who was just like them.

You can also encourage you clients to take their own before and after pictures and encourage product promotion from other sources and companies who will also add to the motivational tone of the expo. 

Provide Healthy Meal Options

Depending on your choice of venue, you will have many options for participant meals. If you really do want to help model the healthy lifestyle, try to incorporate this idea into the meals that are provided or the options that people can buy. If you choose to have vendors who can sell food to clients, try to hire vendors who fit in with your health program. Fried foods and typical carnival fare, like popcorn and candied nuts, may be popular for patrons who want to snack during a lecture, but they will not help them on their path to better health. Fresh sandwich or smoothie stations would be more effective for your cause.

Because participants can always leave and eat elsewhere, you might provide incentives for patrons who choose healthy options while at the conference. For example, those who leave their names with approved vendors could be entered into a raffle for a free blender or other free products from your company. 

If your conference will be catered, be sure to review the menu with the convention center hosting your event. If possible, you may even hire a professional caterer who would be willing to serve some of your company's recipes, so that clients can try how healthyand tasty they are-- boosting sales for recipe books and menu plans. If possible, some classes could even demonstrate how to make the healthy meal that was served at lunch. 

Encourage On-Going Participation

Your conference does not have to be a one-time event. You can help to promote next year's conference by offering discounts to those who attend this year. You can also help increase client motivation by offering a free membership to next years conference if they are able to complete your company's program before the next year begins. 

As you can see, a fitness conference can be an incredible boost for your business and can also be a great way to motivate your current customers. Talk to a convention center in your area about how to make your conference a successful event, or click here to read more