Bottoms Up! 3 Common and Popular Rules for Television-Show Drinking Games

21 October 2016
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Americans love to drink, as statistics show that 66% of Americans indulge and that those who average four alcoholic drinks each week. The night doesn't have to end when the bars close. If you have a set of complete TV series on Blu-ray, you and your friends can easily continue the party at home with television-show drinking games. However, coming up with rules on the spot can be difficult—especially if you're not familiar with the show. Read More 

5 Ways to Make Your Balloon Centerpieces More Eco-Friendly

26 April 2016
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If you are an eco-conscious person in charge of picking out balloon centerpieces, you may wonder if there are eco-friendly variations available. You will be happy to know that there are several eco-friendly solutions that you can choose to implement that will allow you to have creative, fun centerpieces while causing little or no environmental damage. Below are some ideas you should keep in mind if you want your centerpieces to be as eco-friendly as possible. Read More 

Wet Weather Weddings: 4 Ways To Keep Tented Areas Dry & Clean

8 February 2016
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Renting a tent for weddings can provide a great outdoor space that keeps guests dry and prevents any type of bad weather from ruining the special day. The tent itself can only do so much to block the rain. Along with the tent, you can add a number of upgrades and accessories to keep out rain, mud, and other bad weather elements. Each of these upgrades can be added to your initial package and make a huge difference on your wedding day experience. Read More 

4 Creative Ideas For Hosting An Elvis Christmas Wedding

12 December 2015
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Elvis and Christmas go together for many people. Get the best of both when you plan your wedding by using a combined Elvis and Christmas theme. There are numerous ways to turn the day of love into an amazing celebration. By using the following four creative ideas and some great planning, you can have a wedding ceremony that is remembered and looked back on year after year. Elvis Wedding Chapels Read More 

Helping Your Clients Get The Most Out Of Your Fitness Conference

16 July 2015
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One of the best ways to help other people improve their lives is by hosting conference-style events where patrons can enjoy workshops and talk to professionals about nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes. If you are planning just such an event, there are some things you can do to improve the conference experience for your clients while also boosting your own business. Wellness is such a great industry, and with the right meeting facilities, menus, and activities, your chance to make a difference will go even further. Read More