Bottoms Up! 3 Common and Popular Rules for Television-Show Drinking Games

21 October 2016
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Americans love to drink, as statistics show that 66% of Americans indulge and that those who average four alcoholic drinks each week. The night doesn't have to end when the bars close. If you have a set of complete TV series on Blu-ray, you and your friends can easily continue the party at home with television-show drinking games. However, coming up with rules on the spot can be difficult—especially if you're not familiar with the show. Still, that doesn't have to stop you from enjoying your night. Borrow these three popular rules commonly used for television-show drinking games.

Take a Shot When a Certain Actor Performs a Specific Action

One of the simplest rules by far to use for a television-show drinking game is to take a shot whenever a certain actor performs a specific action. It could be something as simple as when your favorite actor of all time sits down on a chair or something more specific like when a specific character does their signature dance or behaves improperly. Generally speaking, it's a good idea to watch at least the first half of an episode first in order to get a feel for the personality of each character so that you can choose an action that will most likely happen fairly often.

If you plan on powering through as many episodes as possible, choose an action that will happen several times an episode to keep the alcohol flowing without causing anyone to pass out.

Down Another Shot or Take a Sip When an Expletive Is Said on Reality TV Shows

Reality TV shows are so much fun to watch. It's nice to see the drama unfold in front of your eyes even if it might be pre-scripted. With that said, you might be surprised at just how often expletives are said on reality TV shows. According to the Federal Communications Commission's broadcast standards, profanity in TV shows, particularly reality TV, have increased approximately 70% in the past five years. In short, you can most definitely expect someone to swear sometime during each episode.

Down a shot whenever an expletive or whenever a certain expletive is said. Depending on the show you've chosen, you might want to consider taking a sip of your drink instead of downing a shot, as the latter may be simply too hardcore considering the number of expletives said on TV nowadays. There are many fun variations you can try. Each person can pick an actor and only down a shot when their actor swears, or each person can pick a specific expletive to drink to. See who taps out first.

Give Anyone of Your Choice a Drink If a Game-Show Question Is Answered Correctly

If you and your friends happen to love game shows, there are plenty of drinking games designed specifically for game shows as well. The simplest rules for this type of drinking game comes in two parts. The first is to simply drink whenever you answer a question incorrectly, and the second is to give anyone of your choice a drink whenever you answer a question correctly.

Guests can team up to make the game more fun. Generally speaking, it's a good idea to create teams with everyone's alcohol tolerance level in mind for the sake of fairness.


Bringing the party back home is easy with television-show drinking games. This is a good way to catch up with your favorite television shows and to get to know others. Let the television shows entertain you for the rest of the night while you catch up with everyone. It's a fun experience to share with others. Order complete TV series from companies like Pristine Sales to get started.