4 Creative Ideas For Hosting An Elvis Christmas Wedding

12 December 2015
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Elvis and Christmas go together for many people. Get the best of both when you plan your wedding by using a combined Elvis and Christmas theme. There are numerous ways to turn the day of love into an amazing celebration. By using the following four creative ideas and some great planning, you can have a wedding ceremony that is remembered and looked back on year after year.

Elvis Wedding Chapels

Instead of picking a separate wedding venue, you can head directly to where Elvis is located. An Elvis chapel offers a number of wedding options including the wedding ceremony being hosted by an Elvis impersonator. By booking a wedding package at an Elvis chapel, you can include services like pictures, video, and flower arrangements. During the holiday season, the Elvis impersonator can wear a basic white or red jumpsuit to capture the holiday colors and themes.

An Elvis wedding chapel in a city like Las Vegas has room to host a personal elopement or a big holiday celebration where multiple family members and friends can attend.

Elvis Song Selection

Elvis has had many hits over the years, including two Christmas albums. One of his biggest hits was "Blue Christmas," but that doesn't have the same upbeat feel that should occur at a wedding. Consider using the following Elvis Christmas songs as you plan your ceremony, first dance, and other song needs. If you're hosting a wedding at an Elvis chapel, then look into the possibility of the Elvis performer singing the songs live.

  • "I'll Be Home for Christmas" - The hopeful and romantic song is sung sweetly by Elvis and makes a great track for a bride and groom to dance to.
  • "Winter Wonderland" - The bride can walk down her wedding wonderland as Elvis sings this holiday classic. It's a great track to help build the mood and create wonderful wedding memories.
  • "Merry Christmas Baby" - Get everyone on the dance floor with this groovy track. For weddings, the lyrics "Give me diamond rings for Christmas," fits perfectly with ceremonies.
  • "Silver Bells" - When getting married in a city like Las Vegas, "Silver Bells" works and is a great song to finish the wedding reception with.

Elvis Wedding Props

A number of products make it easy to mix both Christmas and Elvis into your wedding ceremony and reception. For example, you can purchase Santa Claus hats with Elvis prints on them. For a simplistic look, the brim of a Santa hat has an Elvis signature embroidered on it. If you want to go all out, then purchase Elvis Santa hats with his image screen-printed on them. The hats are a great decoration for guests to wear while attending the ceremony.

Elvis was also known for the long scarves that he wore on stage. Mix his signature look with a little holiday spirit by purchasing red and green scarves. When the different colors are layered and worn together, it adds a nice festive touch and is great for the groom or groomsmen.

Wedding Favors

Give your guests a keepsake that they will remember for years to come by mixing Elvis and Christmas together with a wedding favor ornament. There have been numerous Elvis ornaments released through the years. Various designs include Elvis singing on stage, Elvis playing the guitar, or an instrument design with Elvis's picture on it. Try to find a bulk order of the ornaments to save on the costs if you want plenty for your guests.

If you're looking for a bigger wedding favor, then consider an Elvis snow globe. Many snow globe designs feature the year printed on the front. This is a great way to commemorate the wedding year through an Elvis collectible.

Work with a wedding chapel to help you organize and infuse as much of Elvis and Christmas as possible. The theme is unique, fun, and can create a lot of romantic moments for you and your spouse. For more information and ideas, look at some additional websites.