3 Features To Discuss With Your DJ To Make Sure They Blend With Your Wedding

4 November 2016
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

Every couple who hires a wedding DJ has their own expectations of what the DJ will provide for their event. While it is a good idea to see your DJ in action before hiring them, it is also important to understand that most DJs are flexible and can adapt to a variety of event themes and atmospheres. Making sure your DJ blends in with your event is important because it ensures that the attention of your guests stays on you and your celebration, not the DJ. Below are three main things to discuss ahead of time with your DJ to make sure that they will blend in with your event. 


Most DJ companies have standard attire regulations. For most wedding DJs, this involves a dark colored suit or conservative, dark dress. However, some wedding DJs who perform regularly at more formal weddings will opt for a tuxedo instead. The general rule is that the DJ should not be more dressed up than the groom but should not be more dressed down than your least-dressed up guest. For this reason, it is important to let your DJ know what the wedding party will be wearing as well as any special costumes or themes that you will be implementing at your wedding. 

Dance Floor Motivation 

Some couples want a DJ who will encourage their guests to get out on the dance floor. These DJs may lead games or contests and may teach various dances. However, many couples prefer that the DJ take a more subtle approach and get the dance floor full by offering appropriately timed music and sound levels rather than verbal encouragement. It is important to discuss how much you want the DJ to speak throughout the event and what kinds of motivation they should use. 

Music Deal-Breakers

Some couples want to hire a DJ simply for their high-quality equipment and want to select every song on their own. However, it is generally a good idea to defer to your DJ's musical expertise when it comes to selecting the majority of the music. At the same time, you should not be afraid to give your DJ a list of songs you do not want played at your wedding. For example, perhaps you want to avoid classic, somewhat cheesy wedding music. Or maybe you want to avoid an entire genre of music. Letting your DJ know this will prevent an awkward moment among you and your guests.