Five Ways To Prep For Your First Visit To A Haunted House

19 April 2017
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

Haunted houses have a way of getting your adrenaline racing and are a great way to bond with your friends. However, if it's your first time, you should be prepared and understand some basic etiquette before you go. These tips can help you get through your first trip to the haunted house relatively unscathed.

Bring A Friend

Haunted houses are always better in a group. You may be afraid of looking silly in front of your friends, but sometimes the fear of a group can amplify your experience. The first person gets frightened and then their terror ricochets throughout the group. The scares are even better if you can bring a buddy you can cling to while you're scared.

Leave Your Costume At Home

Each haunted house will have slightly different rules about what you can wear. However, in most cases it's best you leave your costume at home. If you stroll into the haunted house wearing a costume, it could cause confusion for both the actors and other attendees.

The best things to wear are comfortable clothes and sneakers or flats. The last thing you want is to trip and fall while running from a monster because you were dressed to the nines. Dress for being active.

Pack Some Water

You may not expect it, but all that screaming in the haunted house could lead to you becoming dehydrated. If you find yourself a little too dehydrated, all that extra adrenaline may cause you to faint. To avoid passing out, or getting too hoarse, pack a water bottle.  

Respect The House

Visiting a haunted house is a process, and while each one is a little different, some basic rules of etiquette still apply. You don't want to stall the movement in the house by staying in one place for too long. This goes double for stopping and having a chat in any hallways. You also shouldn't touch an actor for any reason, no matter how scared you are.

Check Your Health

Haunted houses are tons of fun, but if you have heart problems, you may want to sit this one out. You may also want to check with your doctor before attending if you're pregnant. If for any reason you think you're having a health issue, signal the actors and they'll get assistance.

Haunted houses are great fun. By following the rules and planning ahead, you'll make sure your first haunted house experience is a great one.