Make Cocktails From Your Favorite Virginia Beach Bar At Home

21 February 2014
 Categories: Entertainment, Articles

While frequenting your favorite bar in Virginia Beach can be a great way to meet new people and to let a little steam off, it is probably not in the cards on a regular basis if you are like most people. While the weekends are surely a time to set aside for hanging out at a favorite bar, having to get up every morning for work is enough to keep many away from the late night hours that your typical bar has to offer during the week. Whether you visit your favorite bar on the weekends only, or you like to indulge whenever the mood strikes, sometimes it's nice to be able to recreate satisfying drinks that might be served at a popular bar in Virginia Beach right in the comfort of your own home. It doesn't have to be hard or expensive to get a bar quality drink in your kitchen on a whim, all you need is a few good drink recipes to get you started. Following are some recipe ideas that are easy to make- just mix the called for ingredients together in your favorite drink glass. To make a pitcher of any recipe, multiply it by eight servings. Vodka Recipe Ideas Straight From the Lounge Vodka is smooth going down and can easily be incorporated into a variety of flavored liquids without greatly affected those flavors. It can be fairly inexpensive for "house" brands or greatly pricey for the more high scale options like Grey Goose. Go for what you know or choose a less expensive option until you are sure whether you're really into Vodka or not. The Screwdriver 1 ounce vodka 4 ounces orange juice For a twist, try adding a little sparkling water or a few frozen berries to the mix. These drinks can be served as slushies with brunch or chilled with ice right before being enjoyed. The Vodka Collins 1 ounce vodka 1 ounce club soda or sparkling water 2 ounces lemonade .5 Tsp sugar .5 Tsp lemon juice Switch things up a little by substituting grapefruit juice for the lemonade. Get tropical with a splash of passion fruit juice and a glass rimmed with sugar. Don't forget the mini umbrella! The Lemon Drop 1 ounce vodka 1 ounce triple sec 1 ounce sweet and sour liquor Make it a little spicy by adding just a touch of cayenne pepper to the drink, or smooth things out a bit by using a little cinnamon instead. This is a great recipe to freeze into ice cubes. The cubes can be added to water on a hot sunny day. Rum Recipe Ideas Straight From the Lounge Run has a little more body than vodka, so it is more apparent when it is used in drink recipes. But the flavor is warm and relaxing, so it's usually a great compliment to your favorite flavors. Light rum is less full-bodied than the darker variations, so choose accordingly. The Mojito 1 ounce light rum 2-5 fresh mint leaves .5 lime cut into small wedges 1 tbsp sugar .5 cup club soda or sparkling water 2-3 ice cubes For this recipe, you want to muddle the mint leaves, lemon wedges, and sugar in a small glass before adding the rest of the ingredients. Add a spin to this classic version by throwing a couple of freshly sliced strawberries to the mix. The Mai Tai 1 ounce dark rum 1 ounce light rum 1 ounce 151 proof rum 1 ounce orange curacao (found at any liquor store) .5 ounce simple syrup 1 cup orange juice Juice of .5 lemon This is a strong drink that can be shared with another person. This is the kind of drink you want to enjoy when you are already in the safe comfort of your own home. It's mighty tasty, so don't drink it too quickly. The Bahama Mama .5 ounce light rum .5 ounce coconut rum .5 ounce grenadine .5 cup pineapple juice .5 cup orange juice Ice to taste Kick this drink up a notch with the help of a little banana liqueur. Top it with some whipped cream and enjoy the drink as a dessert.