Corporate Event Ideas: Treating Your Employees To A Luxury Boat Trip

19 March 2015
 Categories: Entertainment, Articles

If you find that you are in stiff competition with business rivals for skilled employees, you must devise ways to keep your valued workers happy and satisfied with their jobs. You can show your appreciation by hosting special events such as boat cruises for employees and their families. If you live near a major port, you can organize a trip on a luxury boat for a memorable corporate gathering. Once you contact a private charter boat service, you can begin planning and customizing your event with the following amenities and services.

Food And Cocktails

When you are searching for a charter boat company, choose a firm that offers dining options so you do not have to worry about catering a trip on your own. You should be able to choose from a wide range of hors d'oeuvres, cocktails, entrees and desserts to satisfy a variety of dietary restrictions including vegan and vegetarian.

You can request wait staff to distribute cocktails and hors d'oeuvres a la carte as workers mingle on the boat or to go along with a sit-down meal. In addition, charter boat dinner service can also include themed-food stations for a buffet-style dinner and open bars. If the event includes celebrating a company milestone or employee birthdays, you should be able to bring your own custom-designed cakes to add to the culinary selections.


Give your employees an opportunity to unwind by dancing when your hire a band for onboard entertainment. Many charter boat companies provide several musical choices from small quartets playing classical music to full-fledged bands that play pop, rock or country music classics. If you prefer, you can order a DJ to play requests. A band or DJ can even provide background music during dinner or a reception.


You can provide keepsakes for employees by also ordering a photographer from the charter boat service or hiring an independent professional. Whatever you choose, the photographer can set up a temporary studio on board for posed photos. In addition, you can arrange for boarding photos in front of a personalized buoy commemorating your event and the photographer can roam the boat taking impromptu shots.

Meeting Equipment

If your event is limited to employees and is part of a retreat or meeting, you can begin your voyage with a meeting. Some types of boats come equipped with conference rooms or spaces with audio visual equipment such as projectors, speakers, screens, microphones, monitors, flat screen TVs, DVD players and cables so you can conduct a productive meeting.

Boats with high-tech equipment will also provide Internet access. If you need help setting up equipment, in-house technicians provided by the charter boat company should be able to assist you.


Any boat that you rent should be registered with the U.S. Coast Guard and operated by licensed crew members. The Coast Guard regularly inspects domestic vessels and you can request proof of registration and the latest inspection before putting down a deposit.

Before you sign off on the final paperwork and make a payment, be sure to ask about:

  • The number of life preservers on board and what other types of safety equipment are on the boat
  • Handicap accessibility if you have employees with physical challenges
  • Precautions and procedures for inclement weather

In addition to safety measures, other details you should inquire about include parking arrangements for employees that drive to the dock, payment options and the charter boat company's refund policy.

Once you finalize the details of your cruise, you are well on your way to providing your employees with a memorable experience they will talk about for months to come. An excursion away from the office will help your workforce feel rejuvenated and give them an opportunity to socialize in a relaxed setting and enjoy each other's company.