Modern Casino Security Keeps Honest Gamblers Safe And Dodgy Ones Nervous

18 September 2014
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While casinos have long been known to keep a watchful eye on their gaming floor and the customers who gamble there, modern technology has forged ahead in the past few years. The expected 'eye in the sky' cameras are still an integral part of a casinos' security suite, however, now there are several extra cutting edge digital technologies in use. This article outlines these new security technologies, and how, as well as securing the house, they provide protection for honest patrons — and stress for the would-be thieves and cheaters. Read More 

Make Cocktails From Your Favorite Virginia Beach Bar At Home

21 February 2014
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While frequenting your favorite bar in Virginia Beach can be a great way to meet new people and to let a little steam off, it is probably not in the cards on a regular basis if you are like most people. While the weekends are surely a time to set aside for hanging out at a favorite bar, having to get up every morning for work is enough to keep many away from the late night hours that your typical bar has to offer during the week. Read More 

Get Your Business Name Out There With The Help Of Video Production In Utah

17 February 2014
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Utah video production is a booming industry in the western state; lots of individuals and companies hire production businesses to produce movies about them, as much of the marketing world turns to the Internet. If you have a business in Utah and you don't know how to get your name out into the public, you can hire a video production company to shoot a commercial or promo video of you, and then post it to one of many online video websites. Read More